High Performance Cleaning Gun - Save Time and Energy

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High Performance Cleaning Gun - Your All-in-One Ally
Save Time, Money and Energy!

Save Time, Money and Energy!

Professional three-tier design for unique foam spraying function, eliminating tedious steps and saving time, money and energy!

Large application

  • Dual use for home and car (35W-150W for car washing), suitable for tap pressure of 2-6KG.
  • 100 ml reservoir for soap or fertilizer.
  • Adjustable water flow with 3 soap mixing modes.
  • Mix soap/fertilizer directly into water for faster, easier car washing/plant watering.
  • Trigger that locks for constant water flow.


Multifunctional garden hose nozzle, ideal for watering lawns, yards, etc., also for car washes, pet showers, etc.

HOSEThe Pet Jet 2

8-mode spray nozzle!

Eight spray types (mist/cone/flush/jet/shower/central/flat) to meet all your needs.

Foam Hose Attachment - Perfect for Car Washing

You can also fill the reservoir with fertilizer and use it to easily feed your plants. The button on the top also controls the water flow, the trigger locks in place so the flow is constant and you don't have to grab the accessory.

3 mixing configurations!

Our foam hose attachment nozzle features adjustable water flow with 3 modes for mixing soap or fertilizer. Locking trigger allows for constant water flow.


Make your cleaning routine an efficient and enjoyable experience with our high-performance cleaning gun. 


  • Main material: engineering plastic
  • Spray distance: 6 meters
  • Water pressure: 8
  • Length: 0.21 meter
  • Item Weight: 0.24kg
  • Gun type: 8 spray modes
  • Size: 14*21cm
  • 100 ml reservoir for soap or fertilizer
  • Uses: car washing, flower watering, garden watering, pet bathing, etc.

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