Luxury Faux Rabbit Fur Blanket

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Size: Pillowcase 40x40cm
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Treat yourself to the ultimate experience of comfort and elegance with our Luxury Blanket in Faux Rabbit Fur and Berber Smile. This blanket is the epitome of winter luxury, combining sumptuous textures in an artistic patchwork to create a striking visual effect.

The blanket is adorned with a soft and warm Tosca rabbit faux fur ball feel on the front, while the back offers incomparable softness thanks to its milk pile, ensuring you exceptional warmth and comfort.

Ideal for enhancing your living space in winter, this blanket is both thick and warm, providing cocooning comfort for you and your sofa.

We've made sure this blanket is as easy to care for as it is sumptuous. Simply follow our washing instructions to maintain its exceptional quality. Avoid prolonged soaking, use a gentle washing machine at low temperature or opt for hand washing. Do not bleach. To maintain the beauty of its colors, wash dark and light colors separately. Its shrinkage rate is only 2% to 3%. After cleaning, simply dry it outside in a well-ventilated area.

The dimensions of the blanket are generous, measuring 70x100cm/ 100x160cm/ 130x160cm/ 120x200cm, making it ideal for your sofa or for wrapping yourself in warmth on a chilly winter evening. It also comes with a matching 40x40cm pillowcase to add an extra touch of luxury to your space.

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