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The Solution for a Hot Meal Anywhere

Are you tired of having to eat cold foods at work or school? Do you want to be able to enjoy a hot lunch wherever you are? The Food Warmer is the ideal solution for you! It allows you to prepare your meals with ease and keep them warm until ready to eat. No more suffering from a cold lunch, it's time to look forward to a hot and delicious meal, anywhere and anytime.
Heated lunch box keeps its contents fresh and has enough room for a two-course meal. When lunch time approaches, press the button and after 20 min. your hot meal will be served to you.

Ecological materials

Made with heat-resistant materials, it is eco-friendly and healthy for you and your environment.

Sleek design

With a fashionable and odorless appearance, you can take your Bento everywhere with you and show it off proudly.
Keeps Food Fresh
The round lid design keeps food fresh and the low-power heater helps keep it warm.
Technical specifications :
  • Taille : 235 x 165 x 110mm
  • Power: 40W
  • Tension : 220V 110V 24V 12V
  • Material: PP
  • Capacity: 1.05L (0.66L rice box/0.45L dish box)
  • Heating time: 15-30 minutes

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