Smart food dispenser for cats and dogs with voice recording

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Introducing our 3.5L Automatic Smart Pet Food Dispenser - the perfect solution to ensure your pets are fed with precision and convenience. With customizable feeding times and portion control, voice recording capabilities, and built-in safety features, this pet feeder is a must-have for pet owners looking for peace of mind and happy and healthy animals.

 - Customize feeding time and quantity: Set flexible meal portions ranging from 1 to 20 servings per meal, with each serving measuring 5g. The spacious 3.5 L container ensures sufficient food supply.
 - Voice Recording Reminder: Record a personalized 12-second voice message to call your furry friend for meals. The built-in speaker will play your recorded message, providing a familiar and comforting reminder for your pet.
 - Precise meals per day: establish a regular feeding routine for your pet with precise food volumes for each meal. This promotes healthy eating habits and controlled portions, avoiding overeating or undereating.
- Integrated IR induction: The feeder incorporates an infrared sensor which automatically stops the exit of food when the bowl exceeds a size of 1 cm³. This prevents clogging and overflowing, ensuring a mess-free eating experience.
 - Battery backup power: The charger can be powered by either an AC adapter or 3 D-type batteries. This backup power option ensures uninterrupted power even during power outages or when you are not at your place.
 Experience worry-free feeding for your beloved pets with our 3.5L Smart Automatic Pet Food Dispenser.  Ensure they get their meals on time, in the right portions and with a personalized touch.

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