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Our Portable Summer Spray Fan is the perfect accessory to cool you down on hot days. With its water spray function and portable design, you can enjoy cool wind and ultimate comfort whether you are at home, camping or on the go. 

🌬️ Cooling Ventilation: Our portable fan is designed to provide you with a refreshing breeze on hot days. With its water spray function, it allows you to instantly cool down and feel more comfortable.

💦 Evaporative cooling: The 600ml water tank integrated into the fan allows a fine spray which, combined with the breeze generated by the fan, creates a cooling effect by evaporation. Enjoy fresh, humidified air effortlessly.

🌞 Portable and convenient: Thanks to its compact size and USB power supply, our portable fan is easy to carry and use. You can take it with you anywhere, whether at home, camping, traveling or in the office.


Power: 10W
Temps de synchronisation: 1-3h
Water tank capacity: 600ml
Entrée: 5V/2A
Product size: 210/260/55mm
Nombre de buses: 5 buses
Night light color: 7 colors adjustable
Power supply mode: Type-C

Pain point: Are you looking for a convenient and effective way to cool down on hot summer days, whether at home, outdoors or in the office? Our Portable Spray Fan is the ideal solution to keep you cool and comfortable wherever you go.

Call to Action: Cool yourself instantly with our Portable Spray Fan. Click now to enjoy optimal comfort on hot days!

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