Bed-shaped cat scratching post

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Style: Lit - S - 25x43cm
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Give your cat a space to relax and have fun 🌿📦

High quality: made of replaceable recycled corrugated paper, environmentally friendly and healthy, stability, wear resistance, scratch resistance, not easy to deform.

Wood material natural polished very smooth, will not hurt the cat. Helps your cats stay fit and healthy. You can also use it to prevent cats from scratching on furniture and enjoy a more fun way to share happy moments.

Satisfies cat instincts:satisfies cats' natural clawing instincts and allows them to 'stretch their body and help protect furniture from damage.

Applications:claw grinding is designed for cat claws, prevents cat claws from 'Be too long and kick themselves, play, help cats relieve boredom, reduce stress, and say goodbye to damage to furniture, rest, when the cat is tired, it can also be used as a bed comfortable for cat🐾

Our wood realizes the cat's itching instinct, brings healthy claws to your favorite furry friend, a place to grind claws and sleep.

     Features :

     Product name: Cat scratching post
    Color: wood.
    Material: wood.
    Dimensions : S - 25x43cm/ L - 32x51cm

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