53-piece Crochet Kit - Your passport to a world of creative and enchanting knitting

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From Yarns to Wonders: Immerse yourself in the Unlimited World of Crochet with Bricoluxi 53 pieces.

❤️[Kit de crochet complet pour débutants]: Contains 9 pieces of soft handle crochet needles, 12 pieces of small crochet needles, 5 balls of yarn, 10 stitch markers, 6 plastic sewing needles, 3 cable needles, 4 plastic knitting needles. U shape, 1 spool of thread, 1 measuring tape, 3 stitch holders, 1 pair of scissors, 2 cheerleaders, 1 needle gauge and 1 portable bag with pink cat pattern, complete needle kit crochet for beginners or advanced.

❤️[Set de crochets avec fil à crocheter et sac à chat rose]: The Cat Pattern Crochet Bag and Crochet Hook Set is perfect for any hobby crochet project, with a choice of hook sizes from 0.6mm to 6mm included. Each crochet handle has a bright color or size identification. The set contains 5 balls of yarn and plenty of accessories so beginners can start crocheting straight away.

❤️[Crochets de bonne qualité pour le crochet]: Ergonomic crochet hooks with rubberized handles prevent hand fatigue and reduce pressure on fingers and wrists. The padded handle and lightweight hook can be combined to give you an extremely comfortable grip. And 12 small pure metal hooks help you create delicate lace patterns on fine yarn, It is perfect for small crochet projects.

❤️[Set de crochets pour le voyage]: The multifunctional crochet hook storage bag stores all crochet hooks and knitting accessories, keeps them organized and prevents them from being lost. There is a small pocket and a mesh compartment for storing sharp objects to avoid finger injuries. Ideal for crafters on the go or just to keep your kit together between uses.

❤️[Cadeau parfait pour les débutants]: The Bricoluxi crochet hook set is ideal for knitting every pattern imaginable, from clothes and accessories to stuffed animals and more. If you want to give a creative gift to your friends and family on special holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving , Mother's Day, birthdays, jubilees, etc.

 Crochet Passion: Bring Your Creative Dreams to Life with the Bricoluxi 53-piece Kit.

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