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A fabric sock aid that makes putting on socks easier! Allows you to reach your feet with little bending.

Our sock assist device revolutionizes the way you put on socks, making it incredibly easy and hassle-free. Designed with convenience in mind, this sock aid tool lets you put on your socks effortlessly without bending over or straining your back!

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Quick and easy to put your socks on and take off. The sock aid is covered in terry cloth for a gentle but firm grip on your socks that allows you to easily pull them up without tearing the fabric. Large loop handles allow for easier grip and gentle pulling for your hands.

FOR PEOPLE: If you have difficulty bending, limited flexibility or limited reach, the Sock Aid can help you regain your independence by allowing you to easily put on and take off your socks without bending over or needing anyone else's help. Perfect for users with mobility limitations, injuries and pregnancy. No restrictions on foot width.

EASY TO CARRY : The easy on/off sock aid will help you put on your socks without bending, twisting or turning.

INSTRUCTIONS: Place your sock on the slider kit, slide your foot in, then pull the string. Sock Assist is not suitable for the following types of socks: tights, stockings, mid-calf socks, toe socks, toe socks. It doesn't work with nylon stockings

WORRY-FREE SERVICE: Creative House Store provides the most efficient and quality customer service. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will immediately offer you the most satisfactory solution.

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