Cooking egg beater mixer and whipped cream

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POWERFUL AND VERSATILE - 7 mixing speeds,

beater mixer combine ingredients at speed one to slowly mix chunky ingredients, speed four to mash potatoes, speed seven to beat egg whites and whip meringue.

BEATERS AND DOUGH HOOKS - 2 beaters will help increase the power of beaten eggs, cream, cookie or cake dough recipe mixture and 2 dough hooks will help knead short dough or thick for bread. Essential for baking dough.

STAINLESS STEEL, ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Made of very high strength stainless steel.
Super stylish, durable and rust resistant.
The ergonomic, lightweight handle makes the blender easy to hold and maneuver and prevents fatigue.

Whisk, mix and knead, mix dough, eggs, milk, butter, cake or even cream efficiently and easily. A most sustainable choice.
EASY TO CLEAN ACCESSORIES - Never worry about making a mess as all accessories are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
High quality ABS materail High hardness, durable wear and corrosion resistant.

FEATURES Of The Beater Mixer

material: stainless steel
Power: 100W
Tension: 230 V
Speed: 7 speeds
Size: about 295*270mm/11.6*10.6in
Cable Length: Approx. 100mm/3.9in
Weight: about 1200g / 42.3oz


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