Natural Polished Coconut Bowls

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Awaken your senses with our carved coconut bowls - Only for lovers of artisanal quality and sustainability! 🌴🥥

🥥 CARVED COCONUT BOWLS: Our collection includes natural wooden bowls, hand-carved spoons and bamboo straws. Our bowls and spoons are carefully crafted and hand polished with organic coconut oil by artisans in Bali.
🌿ZERO WASTE AND VEGAN: Each natural coconut wood bowl is handcrafted and there are no chemicals in its manufacture. We recycle old coconut shells, which helps support rural and local communities as well as reducing the amount of toxic emissions that are typically released into the environment when burned.
🌿CERTIFIED FOOD GRADE: Unlike many other companies, Bricoluxi is a European brand and all our products are certified food safe in accordance with EU and UK laws. We use only natural organic coconut oil to protect our containers and all of our eco-friendly products.
🌿BE CREATIVE: Coconut bowls are perfect for poke, smoothies and acai as well as nutritious cereals and salads. Use your imagination to prepare colorful Buddha bowls or a healthy breakfast. Our bowls are designed to be comfortable to use and we stock only the finest, freshest coconuts. 30 DAY GUARANTEE: We love our organic coconut bowls and are sure you will too. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, we offer a 100% money back guarantee; Absolutely no questions asked. We proudly validate your purchase by including an information sheet that invites you to discover the unique story behind your coconut bowls!

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