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Size: 95cm diameter
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Your flea bag won't be able to resist this multifunctional tunnel bed!

Lit tunnel pour chat avec tapis central, jouets de terrain de jeu en grand tube, matériau en peluche doux, forme de pleine lune pour chaton, chat, chiot, lapin, furet (gris)

Cats love to hide and spend most of their time resting. However, they also need mental stimulation and exercise to keep them going.

This accessory for cats combines an original play area and a soft bed which allows them to reduce their daily stress and have fun alone or with their playmates.

An original play accessory for cats

This large plush tunnel is a fun and comfortable accessory for your cat. These dimensions allow your cat to easily slip inside the tunnel to play or rest comfortably.

If you have several cats, the spacious play area offers enough space for your pets to play and rest together.

A fun and designer bed

This large trendy tunnel bed adds a touch of cheerfulness to your interior and provides a cozy sleeping space for your little shrimp.

This play tunnel surrounds a soft cushion and the entrance is topped with a small hanging toy.

A space-saving multifunctional bed

Not at all bulky, this tunnel bed is foldableto store it when not in use or easily take it anywhere with you on weekends, on vacation …

  • The tunnel can beopenso your kitten enters one side and comes out the other end.
  • It can also beclosedto create an enclosed space for your Sweetie to hide and sleep. An ideal way to explore and hide while feeling safe.

This plush collapsible tunnel simply closes with button closures.

A high quality accessory

This tunnel bed with pompom ball is made of premium quality plush. Softand ultra-soft this foldable bed guarantees a warm and comforting feeling for greater comfort and safety.

Resistantand durable, it is easy to clean. It is washable in the washing machine (gentle cycle).

Why choose this large pompom tunnel bed?

  • This type of bedding will improve your Minette’s sleep quality.
  • It is awarmbed that is particularly suitable for anxious cats. Its shape is designed for thecomfortand thesafetyof animals. Your miniature tiger will be able to sleep in peace!
  • This play area ensureshours of fun.
  • A foldable tunnel perfect for games between several cats.

It can be used for several cats at once. With its large size, it can accommodate kitties inside the tunnel while a kitty rests on top.

With itslarge dimensions, this plush tunnel bed is suitable for all breeds of felines and all ages (Chartreux, Maine Coon, Bengal, Siamese, Persian, British shorthair, European, Sphynx, etc.).

This warm and soft tunnel kennel will become your Miaou’s favorite place!

It's the perfect place for your feline to rest, relax and play.

… So, don't wait and order this plush tunnel with bed for cats at an excellent quality/price ratio!


Material: 100% cotton
Sizes: Cat bed 95cm in diameter
Entrance diameter: 26 cm
Height: 28 cm

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