Automatic electric ravioli machine

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style: dumpling machine
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Add a touch of ease and fun to your kitchen with this automatic electric ravioli maker!

 【Electric Ravioli Machine】The ravioli making artifact adopts 2 modes, no skills required, you can choose manual mode or automatic mode to meet your different needs. The ravioli mold is well sealed, imitating hand-pressed edges, the ravioli skin fits more symmetrically. The ravioli skin fits tightly, and they don't open when cooking

【Dumpling making process】You can choose manual mode: just put the dumpling skin and filling on the machine and press the button on the left to wrap the dumpling. Automatic mode: After placing the skin and filling on the ravioli maker, press the button on the right to select the gear for 6 seconds working once or 9 seconds working once. Form dumplings in a second

【Quick Ravioli Making Tool】Even if you are a beginner, this automatic ravioli press set is very easy for you to make beautiful wave-shaped ravioli in a short time so that you don't be in a hurry, which is very convenient and saves your time.

【High quality material】Automatic ravioli machine with beautiful appearance, it is made of high quality polypropylene and polycarbonate, with non-slip rubber base, durable and reliable. The ravioli maker is easy to clean, just rinse it with clean water after use.

【Enjoy DIY time】You can make dumplings with your family and friends at home or at a party, and then enjoy the joy of making delicious handmade food by you- even and have a happy time.

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