Set of solar panels 18V- 100W- 200W- 400W, waterproof - rigid - with controller for home charging - 12V car battery

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Photovoltaic solar panels for homes

Produce your own energy with your photovoltaic solar panels!

Green energy source: Thanks to photovoltaic solar panels, capture the sun's energy to produce your own electricity, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Immediate savings: Reduce your electricity bills now by opting for a solar installation on your individual home.

Additional income: Choose self-consumption with surplus sale and benefit from additional income by reselling unconsumed energy to EDF OA.

What are the advantages of having solar panels installed for my home?

High performance: Our premium monocrystalline solar panels offer 21% higher efficiency, weather resistance and exceptional durability.

Easy to install: With pre-drilled holes and MC4 connectors, installation is quick and simple, giving you an efficient power source in no time.

Model: DSP-100M
Material: Monocrystalline silicon
Maximum power (Pmax): 100W
Maximum power voltage (Vmp):18.00V
Maximum power current (Imp):5.56A
Open circuit voltage (COV): 20.5V
Courant de court-circuit (Isc):6.5A
Maximum system voltage: DC1000V
Rated Cell Operating Temperature (NOCT): -45 to 80℃
Maximum series fuse: 15A
Package size: 100*58*5.5cm
(The above data is based on the standard laboratory testing environment)
For field connections, use minimum No.12AWG copper wire insulated for a minimum of 90℃
Standard test conditions:
AM = 1.5 IRRADIANCE = 1000W/m2 Temp.= 25 ℃


Why choose solar self-consumption with surplus sale?

The self-consumption bonus

To encourage the use of renewable energies, the State grants a self-consumption bonus to individuals for all self-consumption solar panel installations with surplus sales. This bonus is calculated based on the installed power and is paid automatically in one installment, on the anniversary of the commissioning of your installation.

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