Foldable dog pool

Style: Blue Grid More
Size: 80x20cm
Reduced price€30,89
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Unleash the joy of summer play with your furry companion using Bricoluxi, the revolutionary portable pet pool! Your dog's dream of splashing, swimming, and cooling off in hot weather is about to come true. Say goodbye to flimsy pools that puncture easily, because Bricoluxi is designed with a unique selling point: it's made from an ultra-thick material that resists scratches and bites, ensuring it holds up to even the toughest puppies. more players.


Indestructible design: Bricoluxi is designed to withstand the roughest play. No longer worry about damage from sharp claws or excited bites.
Summer Adventures: Watch your four-legged friend frolic and have fun in this dog-sized pool; It’s the ultimate summer treat!
Instant installation: In just a few seconds, unfold Bricoluxi and let the fun begin! And when playtime is over, it easily empties and folds for effortless storage.
Unparalleled pleasure: finally a swimming pool perfectly suited to your four-legged companion! Bricoluxi guarantees crazy fun and unforgettable bonding moments.
Make this summer one to remember with Bricoluxi, the perfect paw pool for your beloved canine friend. Don't miss out on creating unforgettable memories filled with joy, laughter and wet cocks!


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