Replacement heads for LavageRapide kitchen faucet

Style: Gray with adapter
Reduced price€9,57
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It features a 360-degree rotating faucet nozzle and a unique 3-mode spray function that makes it easy to clean your sink and wash your kitchen ingredients. 

For many years, LavageRapide has mainly focused on the design of kitchen and shower accessories, and we have a highly qualified manufacturing and design team. The fundamental concept behind this kitchen faucet is to provide you with a unique washing experience. You can choose from three different modes to wash dishes, vegetables or fruits. Washing oily plates or dishes is easier with high pressure.


High Quality - The water saving faucet booster is constructed of high quality stainless steel, making it extremely sturdy and thick.

Variety of modes - Pulse mode, shower + pulse and shower mode are the three modes available. Different water pressures can be adjusted according to your needs. It can be rotated for simple cleaning from a variety of angles.

Environmentally friendly - Designed with the environment in mind, it will save you money by reducing energy and water consumption by more than half.

Material: brass interface + stainless steel tube + ABS synthetic resin body
Size: short section about 2.2 * 7.5cm
The middle section measures approximately 16.5*2.2cm

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