Anti Cellulite Massage Device with 3 Multi-functional Heads

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Lift the veil on beautiful, smooth and radiant skin!

Offering advanced massage technology, this device with 3 multi-functional heads is ideal for treating cellulite and improving blood circulation. Use it on your feet, face, back and neck to relieve tension and pain – pleasure in a bottle!

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This portable fat removal massager is ergonomically designed with a curved surface, comfortable grip and fits in the palm of your hand to help you massage easily, battery operated Built-in rechargeable, can massage anytime and anywhere.

PRODUCT EFFECTIVENESS: This fat removal massager can effectively promote body circulation, reduce pain and reduce edema, giving you more massage parts for specific parts, so as to achieve the effect of muscle relaxation on the whole body, suitable for people prone to edema and obesity.

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: This portable massager which can help you reduce fat, pain and edema can be used on abdomen, waist, legs, hands, hips , shoulders, etc. Convenient to carry, you can do your body shaping exercise at home, at your office and even at school.

STABLE PERFORMANCE: Through the massage head on various parts of the body, the deep scraping massage can slowly heat the body, squeeze and quickly burn excess fat in various parts of the body, so as to 'achieve the effect of slimming and beautifying the body, can be helpful for shaping and massaging all over the body

MULTIPLE USES: Due to its versatility, you can give this massager as a gift to friends who want a healthy slimming body, as well as to people who don't exercise enough, a postpartum repair, etc.


    Specification :
    Item Type: Handheld Fat Removal Massager
    Material: ABS
    Built-in battery: 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery.

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