Smart door lock with biometric security and Wi-Fi

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Protect your home with a smart door lock featuring the latest biometric technology and Wi-Fi for convenient remote control.

The smart door lock lets you lock and unlock your door via a Tuya app, as well as with a fingerprint, password or RFID card for maximum security.

The smart door lock is an advanced security solution for your home. With biometric technology and Wi-Fi connection, you can easily control access to your home from your smartphone, using the Tuya app. Additionally, the lock supports multiple locking methods, including fingerprints, passwords and RFID cards, to provide maximum security.

  Characteristic :

Fingerprint head type: semiconductor fingerprint head.
Alimentation : 4 piles AAA.
Recognition speed: <0.5 seconds.
Product material: aluminum alloy.
Working temperature: -20~60°.
Resolution: 508 DPI.
Battery life: approximately 12 months.
Lock core level: Pure copper lock core.
Password length: 4 to 8 digit password.
Unlock method: fingerprint, key, password, magnetic card, temporary password, APP unlock (WIFI option).
Unlocking capacity: 100 fingerprints, password + magnetic card + 200 fingerprints, 2 keys.


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