Microfiber Kitchen Cleaning Towels

Size: 15x20CM
Quantity: 1PCS
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Get rid of stubborn food particles and grease with Fleece Blanket!

Fleece blanket a scouring pad for kitchen cleaning cloths. The beauty of this product is that it serves two functions. The soft fabric is ideal for washing away dirt and spills as well as cleaning spills. It is a very adaptable product. This useful little kitchen gadget is a great addition to any home. It's both a kitchen cleaning cloth and a scrubbing pad in one! It's the ideal kitchen cleaning cloth for quickly cleaning your surfaces and cooking equipment before you start cooking.


Water absorption and cleaning power - This kitchen towel is made of coral velvet polyester with a wavy design. The tea towel has velvet on both sides and has good absorption of water, allowing you to quickly clean kitchen utensils. Plus, our dishcloths are soft enough that they won't scratch your delicate dishes, pots or pans.

Good brand quality - It is exquisite in craftsmanship, the hemmed stitching is excellent, the shape is stable and not easy to loosen. Even after many piles of linen, kitchen towels can always be kept in good condition. The tea towel can be reused, is durable, does not fade or shed hair. The design of the hook can be hung on sinks, wash basins and other places.

Soft and easy to care for - It is soft and silky, with a pleasant touch. A clean towel softer than most dish towels is lightweight, highly absorbent and dries quickly. Rinse it with clean water or detergent after use, wring it out by hand, then hang the hook. Natural ventilation can be used to dry it, which is quite convenient and practical."



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