Digital Inclinometer With Infrared Protractor

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Style: Laser unique
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Simplify your measurement tasks with our innovative and precise tool.

Precise and Instant Measurement
Forget tedious traditional methods. With our dual laser casting lines and double-sided LED display, you can accurately measure any angle in an instant.

Maximum Versatility
Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, our laser angle protractor is the perfect tool for your projects. Measure angles for construction, interior design, furnishings and more.

Rotate freely: Any angle can be adjusted.
1- Follow the instructions indicated by the arrows for complete installation.
2- Turn it over so that the lower end becomes upper.
3- Position and turn on Place the device on the surface to be measured and activate it.
4- Point and read use the laser lines to point at the
measuring points and read the results on the LED screen.
Rechargeable: Type-C charging port, can charge wherever you are.

Package List: 1 x Laser Rangefinder 1 x USB Data Cable 1 x User Manual

Specification :

  • Product size: 120*20*35mm
  • Product net weight: 70g
  • Laser wavelength: 660nm
  • Protection level: IP54
  • Indoor distance: ≤10m
  • Batterie : Lithium rechargeable de 730 mAh

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