Kit 4 spherical wheels for easy versatile application 20/200Kg

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Style: A Blanc/ 20Kg
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Make various household objects more practical with these rolling spheres for buckets, garbage baskets, trays, small appliances or whatever you need 😁 The 4 well-distributed wheels support up to 200kg

Self-adhesive swivel casters - the small adhesive caster is stable and quiet, can slide easily on a flat surface, will not scratch the floor.
Trash can casters - tape type casters can save you from moving the machine and are very convenient for storing and moving daily necessities.
Universal wheel - the swivel caster has many applications such as storage cases, trash cans, coffee machines, laundry bins, small household appliances.

Furniture Casters - with the help of this universal wheel, your heavy suitcase can move easily and smoothly in any direction without any effort.
Universal trash can wheel - this mini caster is designed with stainless steel rolling beads, which can be moved 360 degrees.

Bearing capacity: 
Type A/B: 4 PCS can carry 20KG
Type C: 4 PCS can carry 50KG
Type D: 4 PCS can carry 100KG
Type E: 4 PCS can carry 100KG
Type F: 4 PCS can carry 200KG
Installation method:
1. Wipe the installation position
2. Remove patch protection
3. Paste in the installation position and press
4. It can be used after 24 hours of rest

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