Reversible egg storage box

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Our reversible egg storage box is the ideal kitchen accessory for storing your eggs fresh and keeping them organized in your refrigerator. With its practical design and innovative features, this storage box is a must-have for a well-organized kitchen.


Reversible and versatile: The egg storage box is reversible, meaning you can choose between a double layer to store up to 20 eggs or a triple layer to store up to 30. This gives you the flexibility to adapt it to your storage needs.

Convenient side door: Our storage box has a convenient side door that allows you to easily access the eggs without having to remove them all. This allows you to take the eggs you need while keeping the others tidy.

Stylish and durable design: Made with quality materials, our egg storage box offers exceptional durability. Its solid white or transparent green color adds a touch of elegance to your refrigerator while allowing you to easily see how many eggs you still have.

Tired of eggs all over your fridge? Our reversible egg storage box solves this problem by keeping your eggs fresh and organized.


Product size: Double layer - 25.5/10/17cm, Triple layer - 25.5/10/23cm
Product color:Transparent green

Simplify your egg storage with our reversible egg storage box. Click now to keep your eggs fresh and organized in your fridge! 


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