Multifunctional manual fruit press

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The FruitAse Manual Juicer is the new standard!

Insert the fruit into the top of the apple head. It releases juice with ease, handling everything from apples to oranges, even strawberries. The watery interior of the fruit is easily removed, making it easier for the fruit to shed excess pulp. Your fruit will not last longer but will be tastier. The manual fruit press will keep your fruit fresh for longer.


Tidy Kitchen - The FruitAse Manual Juicer extracts juice without pulp, seeds or peel without spraying juice on your hands, making it a simple alternative to reamers. 

Maximizes every drop - This allows juice to flow through the openings. The different hole designs extract every last drop of juice from your fruit, giving you more juice.

Comfortable and easy - The polished finish makes it simple to clean, with no stains or stickiness; simply rinse after each use. Washer safe -dishes.

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