Mini Wireless Wifi Video Smart Door Bell

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Empty Mini Smart Door Bell - Emptied Mini Smart Door Bell
  •  480P visual doorbell, wake-up mode: doorbell button wake-up app: Aiwit supports cloud storage function (hardware does not have TF card function). After purchasing cloud storage, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial and 30-day no-deduction trial. Cloud storage is displayed in 5 seconds (5 images)
  •  Battery Type/Capacity: Polymer 803035/800MAH/3.7V USB Charging Voltage: DC 5V/1.5A
  •  Night vision distance: 1m is the best and the longest distance is 3m. Lens: 100° wide angle lens
  •  Doorbell APP access rules: 1 main account + 8 shared accounts = 9 users can log in to the doorbell, only 3 users can preview the screen at the same time, and only one user can talk to the doorbell at a time. Empty Mini Smart Door Bell
  • Customers can make video and voice calls and record short videos during their visit. The host can know the visitors' information without opening the door
  • Wireless connection, ultra-low power consumption, simultaneous online viewing of multiple accounts Mini smart doorbell emptied
  • Connexion Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz, installation 100 % sans fil
  • Built-in rechargeable battery powered and 5V 1A USB cable powered
  • Support cloud storage service for recording alarm events (does not support memory card)
  •  Video call. When visitor presses the doorbell, you will receive a video call on APP (only on APP interface) and receive notification that APP pushed
  • Two-way audio. Built-in mic and speaker, you can talk with visitor in real time Mini Smart Door Bell Video
  •  Vision nocturne claire. Night vision up to 5m. Provide day and night surveillance Mini smart doorbell emptied
  • 90° viewing angle, when someone presses the video doorbell, the app captures a screenshot of the alarm events
  •  Support indoor chime, when visitors press the doorbell, a clear indoor chime ringtone can be heard at home
  • Sharing device. You can share the doorbell with your families
  • Download the free app “Aiwit” on Google Play and Apple Store

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