Luxurious Living Room Rug - Comfort and Elegance

Size: 80x120cm
Reduced price€54,99
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 Experience ultimate luxury with our high-quality polyester living room rug. Designed with exceptional materials, this rug provides an unparalleled comfort experience for your feet and creates an elegant atmosphere in any what piece. Featuring an aesthetic non-slip design and remarkable ease of maintenance, this rug will quickly become the jewel of your interior.

High Quality Materials: Made from extremely soft fabric and synthetic fibers, our machine-woven dense pile rug is not only resistant to shedding, but also machine and vacuum washable. Give your feet, your family and your pets a comfortable resting place while preserving your parquet floors.

Aesthetic Non-Slip Mat: Add a retro and elegant touch to your space with this modern polyester rug. Its non-slip design guarantees perfect stability, while the careful stitching reinforces durability and softness. Transform your bedroom, living room or any other space into a welcoming and trendy place.

Absolute versatility: Whether in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or the office, this rug adapts to every room in your home. Provide unparalleled support and warmth to your feet wherever you need it, indoors or out.

Easy to Clean: Our rug is a dream when it comes to maintenance. Clean it in a snap with a vacuum cleaner, treat stains worry-free, or wash it by hand or machine. It retains its shape and vibrant color, even after several washes.

Sincere Service: We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, our professional after-sales team is here for you, ready to respond within 24 hours.

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