Mop Set with Spinning Mop Wringer Bucket

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Discover Innovation with the BRICOLUXI rotating mop mop set with wringer bucket  
Transform your cleaning experience with the BRICOLUXI Easy Wiring Mop and Bucket, specially designed for working women in France. This revolutionary cleaning system will save you time and energy, while keeping your home spotlessly clean.

Hands-free wringing mechanism:
Say goodbye to traditional and tiring cleaning methods. With the innovative BRICOLUXI wringing system, you will no longer need to touch dirty water or bend over to wring the mop.

High performance microfiber mop:
BRICOLUXI microfiber pads are designed for maximum water absorption and effective dirt removal on all floor types, such as parquet, laminate and tiles.
Versatile use:
Adapt your cleaning according to your needs thanks to the BRICOLUXI mop, which can be used both dry and wet. Ideal for dusting, removing pet hair or deep cleaning floors.


Ergonomic design:
The telescopic handle and flat design of the BRICOLUXI mop allow you to clean effortlessly and reach hard-to-reach areas, such as under furniture.

Ecological and sustainable:
Microfiber pads are reusable and washable, reducing waste and allowing you to help save the environment while keeping your home clean.


Don't wait any longer and make your life easier with this Easy Wring From Tools mop and bucket!
Order now and enjoy hassle-free cleaning that fits your modern lifestyle.


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