Economical and Elegant Sink Shower Nozzles

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Transform your daily routines with our revolutionary sink shower nozzles! Designed for convenience, they allow you to shampoo your hair/face without getting your clothes or shoes wet. Their easy installation and modern design fit perfectly into any bathroom, saving you space while providing an optimized washing experience.

Unique characteristics :

  • Improved experience: Thanks to our multifunctional shunt valve, enjoy more efficient and convenient washing, surpassing traditional faucets.
  • Increased water pressure: Our pressurized shower head gives you a powerful and invigorating experience with every use.
  • Ingenious water saving: Designed to reduce water consumption, our shower head helps you save on your bills while protecting the environment.
  • Simplified installation: With detailed instructions and all necessary components, installation is a breeze, suitable for various applications.
  • Elegant Style: Choose from a range of styles to harmonize your bathroom with a modern touch.

Material: Brass
Process: Electroplating
Color: Steel Color
Hose length: 2m


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