Multi-Purpose Punch-Free Rotating Towel Rack

style: 3 couches
Reduced price€8,99
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The versatile punch-free rotating towel rack is a practical and innovative accessory designed to make organizing your household products, especially towels, easier. This product is designed to meet the needs of people who want to maximize their bathroom or kitchen space while keeping their towels within easy reach.

One of the main advantages of this towel rack is its punch-free installation. You won't need to drill holes in your walls or furniture, making it much easier to install and allow it to be used in various rooms in your home. Simply attach the rotating towel rack to a smooth surface using its powerful suction cup or strong adhesive.


The rotating feature of this towel rack is also a great plus. You can rotate the arms of the towel rack 180 degrees, allowing you to hang multiple towels at once while saving space.

Material: ABS

Color: single-layer rack, three-layer rack, four-layer rack, five-layer rack, six-layer rack


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