Dog Car Seat Cover - Waterproof and Safe

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Size: 152x143cm
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Protect Your Back Seat and Your Dog While Traveling - Our Waterproof Seat Cover Makes All the Difference!

  • Designed especially for pets, give your dog a comfortable and safe journey.
  • Made of high quality waterproof polyester to protect your back seat from spills, hair and dirt.
  • The hammock design creates a safe and comfortable space for your dog, preventing unwanted movement during the journey.
  • Keep your dog safe by preventing him from accessing the front of the vehicle.
  • Large size of 152x143cm and 162x153cm, suitable for most cars and providing optimal coverage.

Benefits :

  1. Waterproof and durable: Protects your back seat from liquids, hair and dirt.
  2. Hammock Design: Provides a safe and comfortable space for your dog, while preventing unwanted movement.
  3. Guaranteed safety: Prevents your dog from accessing the front of the vehicle, ensuring distraction-free driving.


Material: Waterproof polyester

Dimensions : 152x143 cm, 162x153 cm

Fits the rear seats of most cars

Travel in peace with your faithful companion thanks to our waterproof seat cover. Your back seat remains protected and your dog is comfortably seated for a safe trip. Order now and enjoy your car trips worry-free!

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