Portable bladeless fan

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Electrical outlet: USB
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Cool down with our portable bladeless fan with digital display and electric air cooler, powered by USB! 

Our portable fan is designed to provide cool, pleasant airflow without the traditional blades. Thanks to its cross-section design, it ensures a more uniform air outlet, giving you an optimal feeling of freshness. Turbine-shaped fan blades prevent hair snags and prevent dust accumulation, ensuring safe and hygienic operation.

Bladeless Design: Our portable fan uses bladeless technology, making it safe to use, especially around children and pets. You can enjoy a refreshing breeze without worrying about potential accidents from traditional fan blades.

Digital display and speed adjustment: The digital display allows you to easily view the selected wind speed. Our fan offers five adjustable wind speeds, allowing you to choose the speed that best suits your needs. Whether it's a light breeze or powerful ventilation, you can adjust it according to your preferences.

Hot, muggy days can be uncomfortable, especially when you're indoors or on the go. Traditional fans can be bulky, noisy and dangerous with their rotating blades. Finding a portable, safe and effective solution for cooling off can be a challenge.

Features :

  • Material: Made with durable, quality materials, including bladeless construction for safe use.
  • Power supply: Works with a 2000MA rechargeable battery, 5W power, giving you enough autonomy to enjoy fresh air for a long time.
  • Digital display: Allows you to easily view the selected wind speed and adjust it to your preferences. Enjoy a refreshing and convenient breeze now with our portable bladeless fan and electric air cooler. Stay cool wherever you are with Bricoluxi!

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