Anti-Mite Vacuum Cleaner

style: A
power: 220V US
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Eliminate Dust Mites and Keep Your Bedding and Furniture Clean and Healthy!

Our Anti-Mite Vacuum specially designed to effectively remove dust mites from your pillows, sheets, sofas and mattresses, providing you with a clean and healthy sleeping environment. Thanks to its powerful 8000PA suction and UV technology, it eliminates dust mites, allergens and impurities in depth, leaving your surfaces clean and fresh.

Mite Removal: The dust mite vacuum cleaner is equipped with 8000PA powerful suction that thoroughly removes dust mites, allergens and impurities. It helps reduce allergy symptoms and prevent health problems related to dust mites.

UV Technology: Built-in UV technology effectively kills mites and bacteria, ensuring deep cleaning and effective disinfection of your surfaces.

Suitable for different surfaces: Whether it's your pillows, sheets, sofas or mattresses, our dust mite vacuum cleaner is designed to adapt to different surfaces, providing optimal cleanliness and hygiene.

Power and efficiency: Thanks to its power of 300W and its vacuum level of 8kpa, this vacuum cleaner eliminates dust mites and allergens quickly and efficiently.


Durable Material: Made of high-quality ABS, our dust mite vacuum cleaner is durable and durable for long-term use.
Compact size: Il is compact and easy to handle, allowing you to easily access hard-to-reach areas.
Tension nominale : 220 V
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Type d'aspirateur : SBL-V6


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