Refrigerator Drawer Storage Box

Style: Egg box
Reduced price€17,89
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Organize your fruits, vegetables and eggs with Storage Box!

The refrigerator tray organizer will definitely help organize the contents of your refrigerator. The retractable type design can be customized to meet your space requirements. Not just for refrigerators, but also for other storage, as it can hold some small goods.


Unique Design - The hanging refrigerator rack effectively uses the top space of the refrigerator, expanding the storage space to handle more food.

Functionality - Ventilation holes at the bottom of the refrigerator drawer organizer facilitate drainage and ventilation while keeping items fresh. Use a paper towel under the holes if you need to close them for any reason.

Safe material - It keeps food visible and easy to locate. Food storage is safe, the structure is sturdy and the load capacity is sufficient to accommodate full bins eggs and fruits. It has ventilation holes, fast leaching water, and is more clean and hygienic.


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