Hands-Free Mop for Efficient Cleaning

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Name: 1 mop with 5 pads
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Discover the Hands-Free Mop, the essential tool for precise, hassle-free cleaning. Our mop, designed with a stainless steel rod and reusable microfiber pads, removes dirt from the most inaccessible corners. Perfectly suited to a variety of surfaces, from stone floors to hardwood floors. Simplify your household routine with Bricoluxi.

No hand washing, clean and not dirty water Large panel flat mop for floor cleaning maintenance

Hand washing does not make cleaning easy No hand washing for wet and dry Double scraper drainage Microfiber cleaning cloth Quickly removes stains
Drag and drop Calmly clean the entire house No hand washing, no bending, no effort Save time, worry and effort
Quickly remove dust and dirt Restore a clean home Upgrade technology, No hand washing and more time saving Bring a clean and dust-free environment for you and your family Wet and dry Remove mixed waste wet and dry Suitable for kitchen and bathroom Elution one Double squeegee system No need to wash and save effort Strong applicability Suitable for different home improvement floors Careful maintenance, clean as new,
Double scraper squeeze water for decontamination Make cleaning easier
A punch and scrape cleaner than hand washing
Narrow slots, flexible walking Travel skillfully in all kinds of small spaces No need to duck, no dodging Slim design The bottom of the sofa can work well without getting dirty Thin panel Facing narrow spaces, you can walk calmly, clean and fewer dead ends

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