Universal Sink Water Head Leak Stopper

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Stop water leaks in no time!

Our universal cap will save you a ton of hassle and worry; It fits various basin water heads, giving you a quick and easy solution. With it, you can say goodbye to leaks and wasted water!

PERFECT COMPACT DESIGN: Our sink drain filter is designed with a new small diameter (1.1 ~ 1.5 inch inner diameter), our 2 rings silicone ensures a perfect fit with various drain holes, conforming to most European standards 1 1/4" ~ 1 1/2" sink drain holes (depth: approx. 1.5")

ANTI-CLOG BASKET INSIDE: Unlike ordinary button drain stoppers, the upgraded pop-up sink drain stopper has an anti-clog basket inside that collects hair and prevents the stopper from getting clogged and your ring will never enter the drain again.

PREMIUM AND DURABLE MATERIAL: Our bathroom sink stopper is made of anti-cracking thickened quality stainless steel and brass, featuring durability, flat and comfortable touch finish, solid structure, it can be used for a long time without cracks or water leaks. DRAINED QUICKLY IN ONE CLICK: The sink drain stopper has a beautiful bullet core push shape. Good rebound resistance, quickly seal and drain water with one press. Very practical and fast. Structured with thickened silica gel seal, prevents sewer odor, so you can enjoy fresh air at home.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Tool-free installation, anyone can install the pop-up drain due to its simple structure, just remove the old one and insert the strainer core to complete the drain. 'facility.


  • Material: Copper
  • Color: silver, rose gold
  • Weight: 35g

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