360° Rotation Auto Tracking Phone Holder

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Discover Intelligent Live Face Tracking - Capture Every Moment With Precision!

Dual-axis rotation: The intelligent 360 degree shooting ball head supports 360 degree horizontal rotation, pitch and adjustment from 12 degrees to 18 degrees. Regardless of the character's position, the ball head can be adjusted as needed to capture the most suitable image.

Ultra Strong Battery Life: the 360 ​​degree rotating ball head is equipped with large high-performance batteries that can be used continuously for more than 15 hours, and the Type-C interface supports charging and operating at the same time, allowing you to get rid of battery life anxiety.

Face tracking: the 360-degree intelligent tracking ball head can accurately recognize faces through the front camera and can intelligently track, keeping the shooting subject always on the character, making it more suitable for live broadcast, meetings and video calls.

Easy Installation: Dual-axis ball head supports devices up to 11 inches in size for use, with deepened grooves for better fixation. By placing the device in place and turning the locking knob, installation can be completed. Two-step operation is quick and convenient.
AI Camera: The product's intelligent AI camera can accurately recognize the subject's gestures and movements, without the need to use a mobile app. It starts tracking when the OK gesture is displayed and stops shooting when the palm is extended, providing quick response.

Item Type: 360 Degree Rotating Ball Head
Product material: ABS, PC
Weight: approx. 657g / 23.2oz
Ball head battery type: lithium ion battery (comes with built-in battery)
Ball head battery capacity: 4000 mAh
Tension nominale: 3.7 V
Supported phone size: less than 11 inches
Shooting distance: less than 3m / 9.8ft
Type d'interface de charge : type C
Bottom interface type: 1/4 inch screw port
Manual :
Long press the button above the camera for 3S to open the ball head, put the phone in and turn the button to the right to lock it firmly.
Packing list :
1 x ball joint
1 x charging cable
1 x manual
1 x adapter

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