Vegetable basket style straw bag

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Size: Small brown
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The vegetable basket style straw bag is a versatile fashion accessory that combines style and functionality. Inspired by the classic design of a vegetable basket, this bag embodies a perfect blend of practicality and natural elegance with a modern twist.
Carefully crafted, this straw bag is crafted from high-quality natural fibers, giving it exceptional durability. Hand-woven straw creates a unique texture, adding a touch of rustic charm to the overall look.
Featuring a generous size, this bag provides plenty of space to store your essentials. Its large capacity allows you to carry your personal belongings such as your wallet, keys, phone, as well as larger items such as books, a water bottle or even a beach towel.
The practical features of this straw bag make it an ideal choice for different occasions. Whether for a day in the city, a beach getaway or a shopping trip, this bag will accompany you in style. High quality leather handles off.

The small size is approximately 35cm long, the medium size approximately 45cm long and the large size approximately 55cm long.


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