Four and five line clothesline

Style: 4 cords
Reduced price€17,60
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Discover the four and five line clotheslines, a practical and versatile product that makes it easier to dry your laundry efficiently. Their installation is quick and easy, providing generous capacity for hanging a large quantity of clothes.

Strong, durable ropes hold laundry in place without sagging. You can organize your laundry on the different lines, thus simplifying subsequent sorting.

Save space while reducing your carbon footprint with this eco-friendly alternative to electric dryers. Clotheslines offer a practical, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for drying your laundry.


  • The clothing line remains clean and dust-free in its container.
  • Easy installation and disassembly.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Ideal for energy-conscious consumers.
  • Material: ABS (shell) 
  • Size: 4 lines: 29.4*6.3*6cm
  • The maximum length of each line 3.2m
  • 5 lines: 36.4*6.3*6cm
  • The maximum length of each line 3.75 m
  • The rack is convenient to use:
  • The clothesline can be locked at the desired length.
  • The locking mechanism keeps the strings tight.


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